Your Joyce Oroz

While Josephine thunders down the highways in her red, middle-aged pickup truck, younger folks find new ways to travel, like on a horse. New, you ask? Well it’s new to me. When I was young we traveled by Greyhound bus, school bus, family car and the occasional airplane trip that happened once.

Nowadays kids want to get in touch with their inner-horse, the whisperer side of their persona. But taking riding lessons isn’t easy. The student must first learn to follow orders like: “Muck out the stall, shovel that manure into a pile, fill the buckets with water, feed the horse, comb the horse, braid his tail, French-braid his mane and tie a ribbon on it ….” That’s why kids wear helmets, ear-muffs and cowboy boots. I don’t get the boots but I understand the rest of it. Everyone knows if the child falls off the horse, her ears will be protected from germs and stuff.
This is Trigger playing
hide-and-seek at the
Peek-a-boo Corral


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