Book Club Joyce Oroz

Thinking about joining a book club? Today I am going to expose—I mean lay out the facts concerning clubs centered around books.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, book clubs are not centered around books.
  2. Book clubs typically spend one-tenth of their meeting on the discussion of books.
  3. Nine-tenths of the meeting is spent on eating good food and catching up on side-splitting events that happen to almost everyone. In fact, the talking never stops until four hours later when eyes are heavy, heads bob and yawn.
  4. Do these people collect their empty food pot or bowl, say goodbye, walk out the door and get in their car? No. Real book clubbers collect their empty pot or bowl, circle the host with hugs and praise, make the rounds hugging everyone else including the phica by the front door.
  5. People generally car-pool their way to a book club meeting. The fuel-efficient compact cars feel much smaller after the Big Book Club meal and dessert. But clubbers manage to talk and laugh all the way home.
and don't ask about the blue bottle tree!


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