My New Friend, Joyce Oroz

Today’s question: why consider going to an acupuncturist when you need help with a health issue?

Answer: If your regular AMA Doc couldn’t help you, why not try acupuncture?

I did and I’m very glad. I bravely walked into Ric Valentine’s very zen office full of plants, water features and friendly people. His receptionist, Paula, greeted me as if I were an old friend. Since the office is located in Prunedale, most people are already old friends. Everyone knows each other and nobody ever moves away. But I regress.

Back to the subject of acupuncture. When I compare Ric’s acupuncture skills with other practitioners I have tried, there is no comparison. I barely felt the needles go in and the results were decisive and amazing.

Why did I need to go to an acupuncturist?

Because of an AMA left hand surgery, my vacationing left arm had become rusty, stiff and sore.

One session with Ric and my arm was 80% better!

Ric has herbal and nutritional cures for other problems such as indigestion, fuzzy brain (that’s me) and a zillion other human maladies.

Ric is a professional communicator and he will explain to you what is going on with your health—until you cry “Uncle.” He will suggest books and movies to help you take control of your health. His focus is on good nutrition accomplished through a good diet, response testing and Standard Process supplements.

To set up an appointment, call 831-663-0444

Ric Valentine L. Ac. Acupunture is located next to the Library at 17812 Moro Road, Prunedale, CA 93907


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