If It Smells Like A Rose...........by Joyce oroz

The Monterey Bay Rose Society is a labor of love--lot's of labor and dedication go into growing exceptional roses. To their credit, the rose society plant, prune and maintain a lovely rose garden located at the Santa Cruz County Fair grounds. Watch for it when you visit the fair.

Do you know what a rose society is? Josephine’s mother belongs to a rose club. What happens at a rose club—anything? 
May 11th the Monterey Bay Rose Society 33rd Annual Rose Show was hosted by Gustavo Beyer at Alladin Nursery .  It was a magnificent display of home-grown cut roses.  The rose show opened to the public after all the judging was completed. A large number of people enjoyed wine tasting, sausages from Corralitos Market and Jazz music by the Steve Abrams Quintet.

I moseyed through the food and wine, swayed to the music and ended up in a big white tent with a bazillion cut roses in vases. The fragrant flowers had already been judged and guess who won the three top trophies—like “Best of Show” and best arrangements? None other than my friend, Tomi Edmiston. She had been greeting people and answering their rose-type questions all day, and still looked fresh as a rose.

I talked to another friend and expert rose person, Joe Truskot, author of “Central Coast Rose Manual.”

ARS Consulting Rosarians (including Tomi and Joe) were busy talking and answering questions.

Congratulations Rosarians for making the world a more beautiful place—smells better too!


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