Beady-eyed Joyce oroz

Being astute blog readers, you all know that blogging is serious business—except by fiction writers who believe their own nonsensical stories. Today we are dipping into the realm of truth—mostly untouched by my computer. Since my computer owns me and my thoughts, my blogging issues can be blamed on Ms. Dell. For the sake of truth, I will write my blog while Ms. Dell is on her break.

The truth is, April 22nd of this year I was stung by at least six—probably more, honey bees. Honey bees look like fluffy little bombers as they hover over their targets, usually flowers or my hands. I had never run into a hostel honey bee before, let alone a herd of them. My hands are doing fine, finally, but the story doesn’t end there.
Today I ventured into the flower garden, ready to forgive and forget.
Well, somebody didn’t get the memo. A single beady-eyed bomber flew straight at me with evil intent. I dodged him and ran to the back door and slammed it behind me. Safe at last.

A few minutes later I felt something on my head. I looked in a mirror and was shocked to see a honey bee tangled in my hair. I quickly grabbed a towel and smacked it to the floor. Normally I do not kill bugs or bees, except black widows of course, however, I figured this bee might be suffering so I stomped him. End of …..”Oh, hello, Ms. Dell. You’re back so soon.”


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