An Opening to Joyce oroz

Today I am going to share my recent experience at an “Opening” as in “Art Show Reception.” Since I am an unabashed, self-proclaimed artist--   beginning at age twelve, people think I know all about artist receptions.
Wrong! Muralists have nothing to do with art shows or receptions. We dress like trolls, so who would invite us? We don’t frame anything, so galleries don’t matter to us…until recently when I converted to painting on canvas. 

Now I am invited to Openings, especially when my paintings are there. The conversion was like an escalator ride, the esteem went up and the pay went down.
Anyway, I discovered that receptions can be a blast. 

The Aromas Hills Artisans have a wonderful show going at the Monterey Conference Center in the heart of Monterey—at1 Portola Plaza. I would categorize it as an elegant collection of art in a variety of media and style. Everything from gourd art to beaded monarch butterflies clinging to a beaded necklace to watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, a carved wood Santa, a giant clay snail, a clay otter, stained glass, fused glass, fabulous photos of the Monterey coast plus my book “Secure the Ranch.”

The chatter, food, wine and festivities finally ended. Four of us piled into the Snyder car and kept the chatter going all the way home. I stand to make four dollars if my book sells. Even if it doesn’t sell, it was all worth the effort.


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