What Our Pets Know............by Joyce Oroz


Animals have it made. Their people make the rules, but if a rule is broken—such as a puddle on the floor, claw marks on the drapes or a chewed-up slipper—all is soon forgiven. After all, how much does a little dog or cat understand about the great big world?

As up-right, up-tight thumb-toting creatures, people are the only ones capable of figuring out how to survive in a complex world, and we have gobs of electronic apps to prove it. We motorize, harmonize, polarize, synchronize and subsidize. We fuss, stress and overreact on a regular basis while our pets keep a cool head.

Ironically, it’s our pets who make us smile, bring our blood pressure down and teach us the real laws of nature—respect, thankfulness, joy and peace. They have it, we want it. Just by being around our pets, we learn how to be better people.

If you don’t have a pet to love, just contact your local SPCA. They have a variety of dogs and cats who are willing and able to give you their respect, thankfulness and unconditional love.

Shelter Art Foundation photos from 11/3/2012 of some of the adoptable animals at Monterey County Animal ServicesSave a life – adopt!
Interested in an animal? Please contact MCAS directly at 769.8850.  Need more info about the animal? Go to MCAS animal search page   http://mtyhd.org/manager/animalSearch/
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 Photographer/ Editor/Wrangler: Peggy Harris Cardona (MC Environmental Health)
Photographer: David Graham (MC Probation)


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