Flinging Flaming Nuts........by Joyce Oroz

Thought I would share a letter I wrote this morning.
Hi AR,

I hope your Thanksgiving went well. You would have acquired a few grey hairs at ours—I’m sure I did. Thank goodness Cindy and Mindy were here. Wendy decided to toast her pecans in the toaster oven for a casserole she was working on. The kitchen was stuffed with people making mashed potatoes, gravy and salads.
Wendy checked on her pecans and discovered they were on fire. She opened the little glass door, grabbed the hot metal tray and threw it on the floor. Flaming nuts went in all directions.
Mindy began stomping them out with her shoes. I grabbed my good (for company only) hand towel and whapped the rest of the flames out while twenty-something people laughed and talked on the back deck—oblivious. The wood floor is OK and Wendy insists her three fingers are not too badly burned. She put honey on them—great cure!
Wendy said that the first thing she thought of when she saw fire was that the cabinets would catch and then everything would go.

Flinging flaming nuts on the floor is probably one of those instinctive impulses that are exacerbated by too much holiday fun in a crowded kitchen.

Art’s new toaster-toy will probably make it’s shameful way to the dump—unless we learn how to use it safely. I wonder what we did with the directions?

It’s another beautiful day, hope you enjoy it.

We woke up this morning to a sink full of ants. We were too exhausted last night to finish the dishes and clean up. We had a lot of help but still left a mess in the sink.

Hugs from a harried grandmother,





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