Just G's Boutique lights up the town........by Joyce Oroz

Are you ready for an immersion into glitzy-edgy apparel from planet Morgan Hill? You know, the little burg south of San Jose that used to be a one-horse, one-dog, too-chicken to be a real town, place. Anyway, it turned into a beautiful bustling city a few years ago when I wasn’t looking, and is the perfect spot for Gina Andrade’s new Boutique.

“Just G’s Boutique” is open Tuesday through Saturday.
You’ll find it in the center of town at 17367 Monterey Street,
      Morgan Hill.

 Keep your sunglasses handy until you have had time to acclimate into the glitz.

Yes, shopping can be fun. Bring your friends, try on some bling and ask Gina to sing—I mean, show you around. Start with a new hat, jacket, jeans, boots or a purse. Maybe some jewelry for you or for someone on your Christmas list?        

Don't forget Ladies Night Out,   December 6, 5pm to 9pm,
                                                  Morgan Hill


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