TSA verses little old lady.......by Joyce Oroz

I buckled up and the plane rattled down the runway until it passed
some magical marker and suddenly lifted its belly full of passengers into the air. My mind flashed back to the cattle arrangement I had zigzagged through, the stripping of shoes and the threat of x-ray. As I stood in line with other shoeless travelers, a rickety old white woman in a wheel chair was forced to stand in front of the big “X” machine for a picture session which went on and on and on because she was unable to hold her body still. Her ruffled dress swayed as her arms stretched and flailed above her head. Mr. TSA coached and encouraged the lady as he stood ready to catch her if necessary. A gentleman standing in front of me saw the disgraceful situation and darted sideways to another line. I followed him. We passed through with no pat-down, no x-ray and no wacky wanding what-so-ever. So let’s all thank the TSA for keeping us safe from little old ladies in wheelchairs and for spending ten
times the money as previous private companies. Our tax money, actually.


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