Glued to her Joyce Oroz

There is a woman who lives in a small, out-of-the-way Arizona
desert town. Most of the town’s residents know her as the kindly elderly woman who creates books for children out of magazine and calendar pictures. She donates the picture books to children’s hospitals all over Arizona, California and Oregon, including St. Vincent de Paul and El Zaribah Shrine. You might ask why, at age 89, she works so hard.
Five years ago Dorothy became a widow. Instead of feeling sorry
for herself, she began collaging flower pots and various items around her house to make them colorful. She had so much fun cutting, gluing and creating, she began making collage placemats. She had the placemats laminated and gave many of them to the local fire house and senior center to dress up their tables.
But Dorothy had another idea. She cut and glued magazine pictures
of puppies, kittens, ponies and all things cuddly and cute until she had created many two-sided pages. She tied the pages together with colorful ribbons, creating little picture books and sent a couple dozen off to a very grateful Schriner’s hospital. When she heard that the sick children loved the books, she stepped up production. As of April 2012, she has made and sent 1,372 books to various hospitals, spreading the smiles—hers included.
And she just happens to be my mom!
Dorothy's placemats can be purchased at the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas.


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