Javelina in a Haboob........by Joyce Oroz

Ever see a Javelina in a haboob? Arizona is like another world, a
different planet. My comfort zone has been the California coastal Redwoods, mild temperatures, sandy beaches and sushi bars. You can imagine my shock-turning to curiosity concerning the cacti and unusual animal life in the Arizona desert. Leaving the big city behind, one cannot miss the adorable groupings of hairy brown donkeys wandering the landscape. Palo verde trees abound, just look for trees
with gobs of yellow flowers supported by a green trunk and green branches. If that’s not exciting enough, guess who comes out at night and trashes the homeowner’s trash? It’s the Javelina (have-a-leen-ah) a mammal related to the pig, the hippopotamus and Donald Duck. It roots for food until the owner’s property looks like a haboob hit it. What’s a haboob? A dust storm, yikes!—only in Arizona. If all that isn’t enough, stick around for the spectacular sunsets!


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