Tired of Change......by Joyce Oroz

As many of you in blogland know, I have published 183 blog stories in the last 14 months. My friends set up the blog for me, published my work for me and later encouraged me to take control and publish my own blogs. I stepped out of my usual brain-fog, gathered up some courage and jumped into blogging one year ago.

To me a dashboard was something with a speedometer a clock and radio attached to it. Not in Blogland. A dashboard is the control panel, the place where you arrange your words and pictures to be published. After months of trial and error, I finally had the process figured out. And you know what happens when you think you’re doing great and have too much pride going. Wham! Blogspot changed everything. If you are reading this it means I was finally able to figure out the new hurdles, at least enough of them for a basic presentation. Blogspot, are you listening? I’m not a thechie and I DON”T LIKE CHANGE.


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