How Murals Are Joyce oroz

 This is the fourth year of the “summer mural season” in Aromas. The fourth mural (twin murals, actually) is going through labor pains and is due to arrive in time for Aromas Day—August 25th. Six wood panels are being prepared and painted in a secret bat cave somewhere in Aromas. Since I know the secret code, I will enter the cave and keep you informed about the progress.

How do six pieces of wood equal two murals?—do the math—three pieces per mural. Six 4’x6’ pieces will be installed in the two niches on the Old Firehouse building.

Linda, Joann, Frank, Diedra, Alia, Sadie and Louise have devoted their Saturday mornings to the cause. What cause—just because—because we want to beautify Aromas and we have fun doing it.


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