Will Solow's party ever end?.....by Joyce Oroz

Just because Solow is still celebrating the new year, doesn’t mean we should be happily looking forward to 2012 with no regrets. Josephine is still stressing over the mistakes she made in 2003. True, she doesn’t always make the best choices, but she spends a good deal of time worrying over them later.
Josephine loves to read Winnie the Pooh stories to Solow, who understands Pooh’s message. Pooh exhibits less stress and more trust, less struggle and more giggle, less strife and more friendship, less worry and better sleep. Josephine read the stories, but Solow “got it.” So, party on, Solow, and have a very happy new year.
If you are wondering about the mistakes Josephine makes, just read a copy of “Secure the Ranch” or “Read My Lipstick” or “Shaking In Her Flip Flops,” by Joyce oroz


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