J O Phone Home.....by Joyce Oroz

Remember when phones were expressly used for verbal communication? Wow, I just dated myself. Actually, I can still remember the wooden-box-phone hanging on the wall at my grandfather’s house. It was the phone that didn’t work because years ago Grandpa told the phone company he didn’t want a new-fangled phone so they cut off his service. He left the old phone on the wall, maybe thinking Mr. Bell would be hard up for money someday and hook up his phone again.
There is no time for human nostalgia over phones these days. We barely have time to learn about the various apps and such before it’s time to turn the thing in for a newer model that does twenty more unnecessary things, that is, if you can learn to do them before the next trade-in.
I am obviously speaking from the mature and seasoned adult view. Young people are free to explore all the wonders of a little pocket phone. They use their phones to text, take pictures, check the mail, order pizza, look at life on Mars and even talk on the phone if they wish.
I have to admit I like the phones photo feature and love to share my pictures with you—especially when it’s a picture of my grandson taking a picture.


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