Steve Snyder In His Own Words.......presented by Joyce Oroz

Steven W. Snyder is a 59 year-old photographer & printmaker from Aromas, CA. He is an invaluable member of the Aromas Hills Artisans, an outstanding self-taught photographer and an all around nice guy! Steve specializes in giant, colorful canvases of microscopic worlds found in nature such as rocks and ice. He has mastered landscapes, seascapes, Yosemite, oak trees in the mist and so much more.

It is my great privilege to share Steve's story with you today…….while he vacations in Death Valley in the middle of winter! Did I mention how dedicated to photography Steve is? Here is Steve in his own words………

…… desire is to make large canvas prints that look like detailed paintings. Examples of my work can be seen at the Framer’s Corner in Prunedale and the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas.
Since I love bold colors, I search for scenes rich with color and contrast. Although much of my photography is of local landscapes such as Point Lobos State Reserve and Big Sur, my most recent work involves microscopic pictures of polished stones (macro landscapes). Most viewers think these macro photographs are abstract paintings.

I purchased my first digital camera in 1997. The digital camera’s instant feedback renewed my interest in photography and allowed me to experiment without worrying about film and developing costs. Upgrading to professional digital cameras and high quality lenses improved picture quality enough to allow for making very large prints.
In 2002, my acquisition of a large format Giclée printer and hours of labor making test prints, resulted in a big canvas print that met my high expectations. With the encouragement of family, friends and co-workers over the next 2 years, I made and displayed many canvas prints and joined Aromas Hills Artisans. I began publicly selling my photos on canvas in September 2002.
Steve Snyder’s work has been displayed in shows like San Juan Bautista Open Studios, Black Sage Gallery, Cherry Bean Coffee shop, Sand City Westend, Bargetto's Winery, Aromas Day, San Juan Bautista Art and Wine and Popular Photography (contest)

Look for Steve's work at the Dragonfly Gallery in Aromas!

Thank you, Steve for sharing your story and your talent with us today!


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