The Crocheted Lei Joyce Oroz

Let the fur fly!

I don’t get around much so you can imagine my surprise—hearing about crocheting on silk flower leis (lays) using fun fur yarns (not stories). When I joined the crocheting leis class I was oblivious to the perils of having three thumbs on each hand. But that’s OK. I have three left feet to match, just don’t put me in a room full of zoomba-jazzer-aorobic-dancers because most people cannot do the moves while laughing hysterically.

Back to the fun fur yarn, no animals were harmed, by the way. It really was fun, chatting with the students and cashing in on 90% of the personal instruction. It seems most women, even some men have experienced needlework in their past. My past was completely deficient in that area, but that didn’t stop me from finishing my furry lei—the next day. I think it is beautiful and I am proud to say I did 22% of the work myself.

My instructor’s name is J. Rosella Myers, a truly gifted creator of beautiful things. She invented the crocheting silk flower leis idea and method, but that’s only one project. Jay works like a sculptor as she designs unique, flowing, dramatic and very beautiful clothing. If you’re looking for Jay, try SueDee’s Quilting and Knitting…..222G, Mt. Hermon Road, Scotts Valley—they know where she is.


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