Shaking In Her Flip Joyce Oroz

Shaking In Her Flip Flops has been available on Kindle for a week now. Here is an excerpt......

.....“Hi, Trudy, looks like we shop at the same market. How is your husband feeling?”
“Oh, hello, Josephine. Poor Dash is feeling a little overwhelmed right now. He depended on Del for so many things.” Ava appeared and pulled on her mother’s sleeve. “Not now honey,” Trudy said, and then turned back to me. “Dash told me how you helped him with his headaches. In fact, he tried to show me how you do it.” She pointed to a spot above her eyebrow.
“Is this the correct spot?”
“It might be. Just push difference places until he complains. That usually means you found it.” I showed her a few more pressure points and reminded her to push for fifteen seconds no matter how hard Mr. Dubois cried.
“Josephine, where did you learn all this stuff?”
“I heard it on the radio, you know, an infomercial,” I said. Trudy’s smile faded. “So, I guess Delroy is missed by everyone.”
“Not me,” Ava said. Her mother frowned and turned to Ava.
“We don’t speak about Uncle Del that way.” She turned back to me. “He wasn’t a family type of guy.”
The pretty little ten-year-old rolled her eyes and walked further down the aisle ....


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