Shaking In Her Joyce Oroz

Shaking In Her Flip-Flops is now available on Kindle--be the first to review it! Here is an excerpt from my newest novel in the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series.

“Hi, Thelma, see anything interesting out there?”
“Honey, it’s dark. I check my monitor now and then, but nothings out there yet for at least two miles in every direction. If it picks up something I’ll let you know.”
“Actually, I was wondering if you have a phone I can borrow.”
“Sure, hold the wheel.” She climbed down from her swivel chair and crossed the room.
“I don’t know how to do this … ah, David … help. Wait a minute, I got it,” I said, as I corrected the overcorrection. David flew across the room and slammed into poor Thelma who grabbed David’s pant leg on the way down. They rolled across the floor when the boat crossed the wake I had just created. I felt like I was really getting the hang of driving the boat, when Thelma crawled up to me, her eyes on fire, yanked me out of the chair and grabbed the wheel. David finally stood up looking dazed.
“Josie, take the phone and let’s go see what Wally’s up to.” He handed the phone to me, took my arm and pulled me downstairs to the dining room. Wally was awake, his eyes wide, staring at the chandelier as it made giant swings back and forth.
“I dreamt I was on the Titanic and it was going down.” He wiped his forehead with the back of his leathery hand.
“I think I had that nightmare too,” David said, patting Wally on the back.


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