Wishing You a Happy Holiday ........by Joyce Oroz

The world didn’t end … this time, but I’m sure there will be new opportunities in the future to act like fools, throw a party, spend too much, drink too much and deal with the consequences when the sun comes up bright as ever.

Not to say that Josephine did all that.

                                           Photo by Avery Laurin

Now that the world is turning again and the “season” is upon us, Josephine wants to wish you all a surreal Solstice, a simple and spirited Christmas, a happy Hanukkah and a sterling New Year.

Did Solow just roll his eyes and raise his paw?

Solow hopes you are able to find everything you buried in the back yard before the world would have ended.
Dear friends, I hope you live your heart’s desire, spread good cheer and meet me here on my blog in 2013. So much to say—so little time.


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