Honk if you love my dog...........by Joyce Oroz

Does this blog make me look fat? Do I sound a little touchy today? You would be too if someone unplugged your cell phone charger and you thought you were charging it and in the middle of the night your dog walks into your bedroom and indicates fervently that she needs to go “out.” After you let her go outside, you hear a weak beep coming from your cell phone—the noise that drives the dog crazy. Call me insensitive, but my dog is way too sensitive. Standing barefoot on the freezing deck in the moonlight, I was unable to convince my dog that it was safe to come back inside the house, that my phone was off and the world would not end in five days. She has a stubborn attitude that pops up occasionally, like at two o’clock in the morning. For two hours I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, imagining bears, mountain lions, giant salamanders and all sorts of wild animals preying on my poor little pup. Finally, at 4:00 am she barked the bark I had been waiting for. With mixed feelings (grumpy joyfulness) I opened the door and let her in. Even a lab can get cold, but it takes at least two hours. She brings us the newspaper in the morning and the mail in the afternoon. How can we not forgive her for a few hours of lost sleep?



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