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Today I would like to introduce you to an author who knows her way around the written word, Blanche Day Manos. She writes for children and she writes for adults, and she does it very well. I like her style and you will too. Here is Blanch in her own words.

How did you decide to be a writer?

I remember when I was around 9 or 10 years old, writing my own stories and Nancy Drew probably got me started. I devoured all the books in that series I could find.

What do you like about writing and what bugs you?

Writing just seems to be who I am. The only thing that bugs me is when an editor or publisher doesn't seem aware of the wonderful opportunity I'm offering her/him in buying my manuscript!!

Do you write things other than novels?

Through the years, many of my poems and children's stories have been published by Christian and children's magazines, Turtle, Cricket, Humpty Dumpty, Guide, The Gem, many others.

Is your protagonist anything like you?

Darcy Campbell is a lot like me because she has a mother she is close to, she likes coffee, she is naturally curious, and she tends to see the positive side of things but sometimes she should keep her mouth shut and doesn't.

Blanch, what do you like to do when you are not writing?

When I'm not writing, I love being with my grandchildren (well, this is neat even if I am writing.) I also like to play the piano and paint. I like watercolors and oils but Prismacolor pencils are my favorite medium. Just for fun, I like to paint gourds, using acrylic.

Where can we find tour wonderful books?

You can find my books, and I think also the Etta Bend books at Names of books are: The Heritage of Etta Bend, Remembering Etta Bend, The Cemetery Club, Grave Shift.
You can also find me on my website and daily blog: Come and visit. The latch string is always out! 

About "Grave Shift"                                                      

 A strange letter from a desperate mother begging Oklahoma natives Darcy and Flora to help find her missing daughter sets the mother/daughter duo off on what appears to be an exciting adventure. But their mission suddenly turns dangerous when they discover that the missing woman is at the heart of some local criminal shenanigans. That and, not one, but two earthquakes that unearth more than just a little dirt. It's quite an adventure for these two ladies and even the local sheriff who pines for Darcy is powerless to discourage her from her quest.

Thank you, Blanch for sharing your story with us.
Happy writing!


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