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 Today it is my great pleasure to introduce
 Author Bart J Gilbertson, who has written a cozy mystery called "Deathbed and Breakfast"
I asked B J several questions about his writing career and these are his candid answers. I think Mr. Gilbertson's smile alone will sell his wonderful "small town, west coast book.

                                     Author Bart J Gilbertson
1. Was there someone, something or an event in your life that set you on the road to being an author?

About the time I was 10 years old, I gravitated towards YA fantasy books, particularly the Chronicles of Prydain, a 5 book series by Lloyd Alexander. For the first time in my life, I was whisked away to a world written down on paper but created within my own mind. Never before had I been so enamored and it just fueled my own fire, even at such a young age, to be a writer myself. So I began to write stories of all types. I will still get out those books and read them to this day.

2. What do you like about writing and what bugs you about it?

What I like about writing is what I like about reading. It takes me away to another world. It's like visiting old friends again, and when a manuscript or story is completed, I often feel sad. Like I am saying "goodbye". That is why I like writing in a series. Because then I can revisit my old friends over and over again and embark on new adventures with them. The only thing that bugs me about writing is that I never seem to have enough time for it. I wish I had more time to devote to my writing.

3. How long have you been writing books and what other writing do you do?

Truth be known, I have been writing books since High School. My writing goes further back than that though, as I have always been writing poems and short stories since I can remember. But writing books and having your books published are two different things entirely. My first published book is through Cozy Cat Press, a cozy mystery titled 'Deathbed & Breakfast'. It was released in July and has garnered some very nice reviews. I still continue to write in other genres, as well as short stories.

 4. Tell us about your protagonist. Is she--he a lot like you? What are his--her assets and weaknesses?

I have two actually. The Pookotz Sisters, Edna and Mildred. Together they run a landmark Bed & Breakfast in a small, Oregon mountain town in the trees called Pleasant Lake. They juggle those responsibilities with solving murder mysteries using amateur sleuthing and comedic antics. Edna is the "no nonsense" and organized one. She is the 'heavy'. Whereas Mildred, is the warm, caring and large hearted one. She is the 'softy'. I feel that, to a degree, I have some of the qualities of Edna, but I am probably more like Mildred. I am a softy too. Haha! As far as their assets and weaknesses...Edna is very discerning, tactful and to the point. She doesn't miss much. Mildred can make you open up to her and talk, and feel comfortable. She has the ability to draw out information in a more subtle way. They are both 60-something seniors, so they don't get around quite as well as they used to. They have to rely more on their mental prowess than their physical prowess.

5. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I enjoy a good movie, reading books, and playing keyboards.

6. Where can we find your books?

You can find Deathbed & Breakfast in paperback at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Deathbed & Breakfast is also available for your kindle at Amazon here:
I also have a website I am working on and you are welcome to come visit me here:

Thank you BJ--can't wait for your next book!


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