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Today I want to introduce my friend and author, Elissa Grodin, who writes children's books and cozy mysteries. "Physics Can Be Fatal" is Elissa's newest book published by Copy Cat Press. I love to hear writers tell their life-story because they do it so well.

Here is Elissa in her own words:

My Cozy Cat Press mystery is called Physics Can Be Fatal. The second in this series is nearly finished, in which the movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, figures into the plot. I have a strong background in film studies, and am published on the subject. In my second Edwina Goodman mystery, the plot revolves around the Film Studies Department at the college where Edwina teaches.

My writing history is as follows: I lived in England when I was in my 20s, and wrote for the Times Literary Supplement as a freelance journalist. I later moved on to children's books, and have had six children's books published, the most recent being C Is For Ciao, a picture book about the history and culture of Italy.

My mother introduced me to Agatha Christie when I was a teenager. I am a terrific fan of the Golden Age mystery writers -- Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Margery Allingham, et. al., and I aspire to write in this tradition of heavily atmospheric and character-driven cozy mysteries. Mysteries are what I have always wanted to write, and that it took me until now to do so is a mystery in itself.

I have long been interested in physics -- hence, my protagonist is an assistant professor of physics at an Ivy League school. It is her ability to think outside the box, and the sublime imagination it takes to be a theoretical physicist, that allows Edwina Goodman to be such a good amateur sleuth.
But most of all, she is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the workings of the world around her, and this is what fuels her.

All my books are available at, and I have a web site,

Thank you, Elissa for sharing your history and the elements that motivate you. Can't wait to read your next book! 


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