Smartest gal in Joyce oroz

I have to walk
early in the morning,
before my brain figures out what I'm doing...I heard that somewhere, but it’s
true. To clear out the brain fog my husband gulps his morning coffee, I chug
some green tea and Sandy drinks water from the…never mind. So who has the most
energy in the morning? You betcha, it’s Sandy. She sprints out the door on her
way to a satisfying cat-chase. She’s dynamite on wheels while my husband and I
gulp more coffee and tea and push hard on the gas and brake peddles all the way
to our exercise classes. We arrive home exhausted. Sandy naps the afternoon
away, but stays physical as she chases cats in her dreams, legs galloping, body
twitching. I bet she burns more calories asleep than I burn all week. Here’s to
Sandy, smartest gal I know.


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